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We here at IOTG are crusaders on a mission to help eliminate harmful pathogens, virus, bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus. IOTG was incorporated in the summer of 1999 by its Owner and President Russ McCubbin. Russ and IOTG began building high quality Ozone generators and quickly shot to the most used ozone generators in the disaster restoration market. IOTG is a global market-focused Green company that has successfully developed true Green innovative products to help professional customers successfully do their jobs. In the exceptional year of 2003 the game changed with International Ozone’s introduction of the Hydroxyl / Ionized Hydro-Peroxide Generator. These machines were the next best thing since pepperoni pizza. A deodorizing / sanitizing generator that is safe for occupied areas. Nobody in the industry thought this was imaginable.

Hydroxyl Radical Technology was first used in the International Space Station. Russ being an exceptional visionary, saw the potential of bringing this technology to the restoration industry. Since IOTG already had the worldwide distribution and support network because of its well known Total Zone Ozone Generators, this New Green Hydroxyl / Ionized Hydro-Peroxide Technology quickly spread into the unexpecting Restoration market and provided consistent successful results.

IOTG is by far the leader in innovating deodorization technologies to provide the safest and most advanced products in the Disaster restoration industry. IOTG an American based company continues to lead the way by introducing and developing revolutionary technologies that others constantly strive to follow. IOTG, every day is finding new ways to introduce applications to the indoor air quality (IAQ) market including wastewater plants, industrial, agriculture, fire and water restoration industry, as well as hospitality. IOTG with Total Zone Ozone and Titan Hydroxyl / Ionized Hydro-Peroxide Generators will continue to provide Super Green Products that will benefit people and animals worldwide while improving indoor air quality in harsh as well as sensitive environments.


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